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Great to see you here!

Let me introduce you to berrydoe.

We all need time to connect with ourselves and to move for our bodies and minds. Working long hours, changing locations, socializing - running a healthy lifestyle, and having it all isn't easy. At-home routine comes naturally. More time to focus. More time to unwind. Less time to avoid the inevitable - my favorite part of the day (post-workout stretch that is ;).
But there is more to this story. After a less than stellar Ankylosing Spondylitis diagnosis, I was encouraged and required to move more than I felt like I would. AS causes your body to become excruciatingly painful unless you warm up and stretch with mindful movement. A hiccup if you will. I used this as an opportunity to live life with no excuses. To fully commit to a home workout routine. To move with a mission. With a purpose.
But just like you, the energy burns out, and the excitement can fade. The desire to put away gear became less and less. At the time I was also just done with my apartment redecoration, all classy and pretty, Elle-Decoration-worthy designed. Yet my questionable-looking gear didn't match the surrounding.

To keep up motivation, I decided to go for high-quality, premium, workout equipment that doesn't have to disappear after a sweat sesh... Well, I tried. Yet, I couldn't find products that would match my home design and at the same time be functional and made for people that *actually* do exercise.

This is when berrydoe idea came to life. Made, curated, and honed in to match your home design and high-performance expectations. We believe, your workout feels way better when done with beautiful and functional equipment.
You may also wonder where the “berrydoe” name comes from. Well, I love “does” (the forest animals), I had many of them around my house when growing up in the countryside. They are insanely elegant creatures, yet fast and wild. “berry” brings the vitality of a wild forest fruit full of vitamin goodies. Berrydoe stands therefore for a movement with elegance and energy.
Can't wait to see you joining our family! Please feel free to let us know what you think about the products or have any ideas or suggestions you are willing to share. Just use the contact form.
Time for a sweat!